Derivative Worksheets

There is nothing better than working a few examples.


The Power Rule

It shouldn't take you long to work power rule problems of all types.


Exponentials and Logarithms

There are only a few functions to deal with so get some practice with all of them.


Trigonometric Functions

Test whether you have actually memorized all of these derivatives so you're not overconfident.


Sum Rule and Constant Multiples

The easiest rule in Calculus is the sum rule so make sure you understand it.

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Product Rule

Products are not as nice as sums, so spend some time practicing how to keep track of all the functions.


Quotient Rule

The more quotient rule problems you work the more natural it will be and you won't have to second guess your memory.


Chain Rule

The chain rule needs to be explored with practice so get to work on it right now.

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