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Eventually we will add advanced, personalized features to make some money, but our tools and lessons will remain free.

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We're adding lessons every week on topics most important to the learning process. Each one is thoughtfully considered to efficiently lead to understanding and retention.

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Generate example problems to challenge you until you understand a topic. And each question has an interactive step-by-step solution and links to appropriate lessons and videos.

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Calculus College will continually add new features until we've created the most effective learning enviornment possible. We're working hard on integrals right now! If we're missing something or can do better, drop us a line at [email protected].

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Our lessons are written to be different because you can get more of the same anywhere. They are continually improved based on feedback and data analysis. The goal is to use our programming experience to teach you how to do Calculus like a machine!

Latest Lessons

What have we been up to recently?

Chain Rule

Learn how to differentiate the composition of two functions. The chain rule is often the hardest to master so let us help you improve today.

Product Rule

Learn how to differentiate the product of two (or more) functions. Not quite as simple as the sum rule, but if you're careful it is easy to master.

Power Rule

Learn to easily find the derivative of any function that is of the form x raised to a constant power, including square roots and negative exponents.

Trigonometric Functions

There are six trigonometric functions and six inverse trigonometric functions that you need to konw how to take the derivative of.

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